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/Please/ be aware of the food you are giving your dogs. It breaks my heart when I go to work and see these dogs being fed shit food such as Beneful and Cesar. It’s full of byproducts and countless other horrible things for your dogs, not to mention the first ingredient tends to be corn, which holds zero nutrients for them. It used to be harder to find decent food but now there is no excuse. Do your research. They are already in our life for too short of a time, don’t make it worse.

Okay, I would actually like to continue talking about this topic. 

Here is a list of some of the worst dog foods that you should avoid:

  • Beneful by Purina
  • Alpo by Purina
  • Purina One
  • (basically anything by Purina)
  • Ol Roy
  • Kibbles n Bits
  • Pedigree
  • Hill’s Science Diet
  • Eukanuba
  • Bil Jac
  • Cesar

If you look at the ingredients on these brands you will see things such as corn, animal by-product, meat by-product, and beef and bone meal as the first ingredients.  

Corn is a complete filler and holds no nutritious value for dogs. It is difficult for dogs to digest and can actually cause allergies in dogs. 

Animal by-product and meat by-product basically consists of anything on an animal that is considered not safe for human consumption. This includes, but isn’t limited to, bones, blood, lungs, head, feet, feathers, and more. Even worse, the animals they take this from could be dying or diseased. These animal parts can be contained from anywhere and from any type of animal. This includes roadkill, dogs that have been euthanized in shelters, and animals that had cancer. 

Your pets rely on you to feed them and take care of them. Please make sure you are feeding them the food that they deserve. 

Recommended dog foods:

  • Artemis (Fresh Mix Maximal recipe is the best)
  • Authority
  • Back to Basics
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Fromm
  • Halo (not the Vegan Medley recipe though)
  • Holistic Blend
  • Life’s Abundance
  • Merrick
  • Nature’s Select
  • Orijen
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Wellness Core

Please note that most, if not all, of these brands are not going to be found at your local grocery store. I know for a fact that most of them are sold at Petco and Petsmart, however.

Also, each of these brands have different recipes they offer so you will have to do your own research about which recipe is best for your dog. 

Here is a large list of more dog foods that are recommended. In order to make this list they are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars, and the website will break down the content of each one for you.

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